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All i want to do..

Is make you happy every second of every day. There is nothing i live more for. Nothing fills me with more happiness then your smile, your happiness. I just want to hold you when get scared, make you laugh when you feel down, and just love on you in every way. Years from now i’ll still be the same way for you. You’ll never wonder if i love you ever, cause you’ll see it overflow for you always. 

I can’t wait to just be in your company every second. I love you Jess.

S. Carey - Fire-Scene
  • Artist: S. Carey
  • Track: Fire-Scene
  • Album: Range of Light
4,439 plays
Sisyphus - Hardly Hanging On
  • Artist: Sisyphus
  • Track: Hardly Hanging On
  • Album: Sisyphus
1,649 plays